Death of COVID-19 Passes 10,000, US Enters “Peak Death Week”

WASHINGTON – The United States (US) is preparing for a critical week in which the death rate due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) will peak. The US recorded more than 355,000 confirmed cases of the corona virus, the most among other countries in the world, with a mortality rate exceeding 10,000. “It’s going to be the … Read more

Mexican Army makes historic trip into US

Two U.S. soldiers in a remote area of Texas were confronted by Mexican soldiers who thought the Americans had crossed into Mexico, U.S. officials said Tuesday. The Mexican troops reportedly removed a weapon from the American soldier who was armed. U.S. Northern Command, which manages military support for Customs and Border Protection, said the Americans … Read more

United States Suspects Indonesia to Cover Corona Virus Case (Covid-19)

The United States predicts there are still cases of corona virus (Covid-19) that have not been reported in Indonesia. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says this can happen after seeing the number of corona cases is relatively small but the death rate is high. “If a country attaches data, then we see … Read more

Trump: 2 Week Ahead Will be Very Painful, All US Residents Should Be ready!

Washington – United States President Donald Trump warned about the next two weeks which will be very painful as the US struggles to face a surge in corona virus cases. Even the White House warned that this deadly virus could kill up to 240 thousand US citizens. “This will be two very painful, very, very … Read more