Vanessa Lopez is a kid that when all the rest of the kids are playing, she’d rather be reading a book or taking pictures of things that she likes. She spends her time on the Internet researching information on animals and things about science. Vanessa loves science and she has said that when she gets older she wants to be a photographer. She is always carrying around her camera just taking pictures.

She loves to make her own little movies and edits them as well. Since she was smaller, everyone knew she would amount to something and be something big, no not big, GRAND.

Vanessa is a very special girl, she is very intelligent, she gets very good grades, and she is a very sweet little girl. She is in Martin Elementary in Brownsville and she deserves to be a Kid You Should Know.

Vanessa is not just a Kid You Should Know, she is my little cousin she is the pride and joy of my life.

Nomination submitted by: Tania Casillas


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