Words from the Front Line

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I would like to let all of our US Troops and POW’s know that God is on thier side, and everyone here is supporting them 110%. We all wish for them to come back home safe to their families that love them so much.

Blanca E. Rivera

Dear US Army Specialist Oscar Xavier Gutierrez of Raymondville, TX and American Troops, I would like to send my sincerest appreciation to each and every one of you for your valiant and heroic efforts to keep our Nation free. Your courageous duty to serve our country is overwhelming to all of us back home. We find it admirable to know that many of you chose to serve your Country and left behind your families, friends, jobs and all the other comforts of home. Your duty to protect us is an awakening for all of us to stop and count our blessings. Please rest assure that you are not forgotten. As a Nation, we stand behind you and send our prayers to you and your loved ones. We pray that soon you will be united with those that you gallantly left behind. We continue to pray for all the troops from the USA and abroad, to have endurance to liberate the oppressed. Take care and know that your service to us will never go unnoticed or be taken for granted. With love and peace to all. P.S. Xavier, you have shown our family that unity and love is what makes us strong. Be brave son, we stand behind you always. Love, Madrina

Octavio Infante III

“A Brave Soldier” We don’t know what you are feeling We can’t see if you are still breathing We pray for you every night and day Wishing for you not to be far away Everyone that cares for you Are missing the things that you used to do Thank you for being strong and brave In the battlefield we hope you get saved You stand up for our country Like anyone would protect his or her family Without love there is nothing left So please don’t give up until the enemy is put to rest You are not alone We send you food, drinks, and letters from home We know you wish for someone to be with you As we wish for you to be with us too Look to the left and then right You are surrounded by soldiers that will put up a fight Back to Back Step to Step Put your training skills to the test Save our country by doing you best Think of your loved ones’ As we think of you Keep your head high Don’t show fear At the end you will be glad Seeing standing the Red, White, Blue flag Victory will be ours Take good care of yourself And May God Bless You.


I am here at work or at home. I am always saying a prayer for all of you in the front line. I feel so proud of you and most of all your family your parent. How they spend all that time that you are away I feel so lucky that I don’t have immediate family gone but good friends. Still I am always praying for all of the troops that are away and the ones that are just leaving. I pray for all the families because they as well need the prayer and support. But God is so good that he gives us strength and support to see everthing that is going on and wait for the love ones. May God bless you all and we love you all too.

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