PARIS – As France began to loosen the lockdown applied to prevent the spread of the corona virus (COVID-19), the country’s oldest doctor continued to work in a dangerous environment with a large potential for spreading the deadly virus.

Dr. Christian Chenay, who is 98 years old, still makes regular trips every week to the nursing home to provide support to its residents. He said his decision to keep working, partly because France lacked a local family doctor.

“I’m very careful. My wife is afraid I will bring the virus home and she is right (about that), “said Dr. Chenay was quoted as saying by the BBC.

Although it has temporarily closed its practice in Paris, Dr. Chenay still serves virtual consultations with his patients and visits nursing homes every week.

“I cannot leave them in the midst of an epidemic of this virus. They won’t be able to do it themselves. ”

So far there has not been a case of Covid-19 in the nursing home he visited, and the doctor felt very fortunate.

Despite his age, Dr. Chenay still seems to want to do his job.

“I’m almost 99 years old. I have to reduce my activities for many reasons. I walk more slowly than usual, I have to protect myself. ” he said.

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