Kim Jong-un is sick, Kim Jong-un dies.

That is the news that is being talked about by the public and the media all over the world.

Kim disappeared. Its presence has not been monitored since mid-April.

Public suspicion arises when he was absent during the North Korean holiday which fell on April 15, 2020 (the anniversary of the founding father of the nation who was his own grandfather).

Actually, the issue of Kim Jong-un’s death is not the first time this has happened. Four years ago that rumor was heard.

The leader of the Workers’ Party and the Supreme Leader of the Democratic Republic of North Korea are said to have died in an explosion in Pyongyang.

However, the information turned out to be a hoax.

Previously, the news was spread by the East Asia Tribune website. The article titled ‘North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un Dead After Apparent Suicide Attack’ reported that Kim Jong-un died on Thursday, June 16, 2016 at around 2:00 pm in the Trimgang District, Pyongyang.

At that time, Kim was said to be attending the inauguration of a brand-new bank on the banks of the Sungai Potong. Suddenly a woman hit the barricade and ran quickly toward him.

Kim’s guards had issued a weapon, but too late, the perpetrator had blown himself up – from explosives wrapped around his waist.

As a result of the explosion, Kim Jong-un reportedly suffered severe injuries and was declared dead upon arrival at the hospital. His younger brother, Kim Yo-jung was later asked to be his successor.


There was no confirmation from North Korea about the news. Meanwhile, the South Korean Ministry of Defense has denied the information.

“As far as we know, the news is not true,” a ministry spokesman said at a press conference, as quoted by the Korea Times.

“Intelligence officials believe that the rumors have low credibility.”

When asked if Kim Jong-un was still alive, the spokesman replied, “We think so.”

Meanwhile, Unification Ministry officials said the credibility of the media spreading the news, the East Asia Tribune was questioned.

As monitored by South Korea, the North Central Korean television station (KCTV) did not preach the news.

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