Judge ordered cars be moved to another warehouse

EDINBURG – Customers of a McAllen business have to wait even longer to get their cars back.

The case against Mando Hinojosa, the owner of Performance International, was heard in court today. Customers claim they paid thousands for work that was never done on their vehicles.

Since NEWSCHANNEL 5 started investigating the business, Hinojosa was kicked out of the property where his warehouse was located. The building owner, Javier Perez, also started allowing customers to claim their cars or what’s left of them.

But Hinojosa filed a temporary restraining order against Perez to stop customers from getting the cars.

Hinojosa claims the customers still owe him money and shouldn’t get their cars until they pay up. But many of the people we spoke to have receipts marked “Paid in Full.”

In today’s hearing, the judge ordered the cars still in the company’s possession be moved to another warehouse, while each customer argues his case individually.

This means customers will have to wait longer to get their vehicles back. Some have already been waiting three years.

“It’s going to become more difficult for everybody to recover what’s rightfully theirs,” says the building owner.

The owner of Performance International had nothing to say to NEWSCHANNEL 5 outside the courtroom. But his customers had plenty to say.

“He betrayed me,” says Homer Gomez.

He tells us he once considered Hinojosa a friend. He paid him over $3,000 cash for engine work on his Chevy short bed truck. Gomez says the truck was never fixed.

Linda Ceballos is Hinojosa’s cousin. She says she paid him $8,500 to restore her classic car. The only think left is a shell of her ’57 Chevy.

“He took my engine and put it in somebody else’s car. I’m sure to complete the work. So I don’t have an engine,” she tells us.

NEWSCHANNEL 5 found 29 angry customers just like Ceballos. Some claim they paid as much as $30,000.

At least nine have already filed police reports.

We also learned First National Bank is suing Hinojosa for more than $100,000. They say he stopped paying a loan.

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