Toddler found clinging to his mother’s body

PHARR – Jennifer Eva Roman was murdered nearly ten years ago. Her son, who wasn’t even two at the time, is now hoping for answers.

“Well, if my mom was alive right now, I bet she’d be a really nice,” he says.

The boy, now 11 years old, was found clinging to his mother’s dead body nearly 10 years ago.

He’s now old enough to understand what happened, and he now has questions that are impossible for his adoptive parents to answer.

The boy was adopted by his new family shortly after his mother’s murder. They got a full explanation from Child Protective Services.

“He had a really rough background, you know, as a baby. It was really serious and a very bloody situation in this case,” says his adoptive mother.

The boy’s new family wonders what exactly was done to find the murderer.

“I would be curious to see what exactly Pharr P.D. did to investigate this case. Or did they just blow it off because she was from out of this country?” says his adoptive father.

The Pharr Police Department is the only connection the boy has to his mother and the killer. They have recently started working on the case again, after questions by NEWSCHANNEL 5.

Now the question is does the boy remember anything about that bloody day?

“He thinks he put his brain to sleep, not to remember that day. But he thinks, one of these days, his brain is going to wake up and he’s going to remember and know who it was,” says his adoptive mother.

The boy is thinking of going to his mother’s native country of Honduras, possibly finding his real family.

“If I do have any blood relatives, I’d like to meet them,” he says.

His adoptive family are encouraging him and say they hope he finds all the answers he’s looking for.

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