City wants to revitalize the area

MATAMOROS, MEXICO – Residents of a colonia near the Matamoros dump continue to scavenge for anything they can use, sell, or eat at all hours of the day.

But the city is working to close the dump, and move the scavengers out.

Los Pepenadores, as they’re called, tell NEWSCHANNEL 5 they need the dump to survive.

NEWSCHANNEL 5 first brought you their story seven months ago. We showed the Pepenadores scavenging in an area of the dump, contaminated with deadly chemicals, including agent orange.

Now Matamoros city officials are looking for ways to move the scavengers from the dump to safer areas, as they work to shut the dump completely down.

Jose Magdeleno Rodriguez, the city’s sanitary coordinator, says experts will decontaminate then revitalize the area.

The only problem with the plan is the Pepenadores refuse to leave, despite offers from the city for legitimate jobs.

The leader of the group, Juan Cardenas, tells NEWSCHANNEL 5 his people need more than just jobs.

He says $2,000 would help the workers get on their feet and move away from the dump.

So for now the Pepenadores will stay in the dump, scavenging for food or whatever they can sell to survive.

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