The United States predicts there are still cases of corona virus (Covid-19) that have not been reported in Indonesia.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says this can happen after seeing the number of corona cases is relatively small but the death rate is high.

“If a country attaches data, then we see the least number of cases but the relatively high mortality rate, we are curious if there are still cases (Covid-19) that might not have been reported,” said CDC Covid-19 Task Force Lead, Barbara Marston, in a press conference by teleconference on Wednesday (15/4).

“We see that in Indonesia there are a number of severe corona cases and high mortality rates. That makes us ask whether if more examinations are conducted the number of cases will increase,” he added.

Even so, Marston stressed that the CDC did not consider Indonesian government reports related to the number of cases and deaths due to corona, wrong or incorrect.

He only hoped that the Indonesian government could conduct more corona tests so that cases that were not identified could be immediately known.

“We are not questioning the official report, we are not doing that, but we imagine that if more tests are performed it will be able to identify these patients,” Marston said.

Not a few parties both from inside and outside the country who indeed questioned the number of corona cases in Indonesia even before the pandemic outbreak was detected here.

Around the beginning of February a Harvard study suspected the corona virus had entered Indonesia when seen from human movements and air travel between RI and China, where Covid-19 sources emerged and spread.

Shortly after Indonesia confirmed the first corona case, a study conducted by London’s Center for Infectious Disease Mathematical Modeling (CMMID) researchers stated that undetected corona cases in Indonesia could reach tens to hundreds of thousands of patients.

However, the research institute said the number of corona cases detected in Indonesia was still relatively low due to the lack of government checks and tests.

Indonesia is even considered to be one of the countries with the lowest level of corona virus testing in the world. Based on Worldometer statistics reference data as of Wednesday (15/4), Indonesia, which is the fourth most populous country in the world, has only tested 31,628 people.

The number illustrates that Indonesia has only conducted corona tests on 116 people per one million population.

Meanwhile, when compared to neighboring countries such as Malaysia, the amount of tightening done by Indonesia is relatively small.

So far, Malaysia has conducted 84,791 corona tests, which means the neighboring country has conducted 2,620 tests per one million population.

Until this news was revealed, the Government Spokesperson for handling Covid-19, Achmad Yurianto, had not responded to’s questions related to the CDC’s statement.

However, about the low level of testing, Yuri had previously said that the government did conduct a corona test in a structured and not massive manner.

Yuri claims that a non-massive testing system can make corona case detection more effective.

“Our tests are not blind, but structured. Starting from contact tracing which is screened again with rapid tests then continued with PCR for positive rapid tests. Thus, the effectiveness of PCR tests will be better,” Yuri said, Wednesday (8 / 4).

The Director General of Disease Prevention and Control of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia said that currently Indonesia is indeed facing a challenge of the asymptomatic corona case.

Even so, Yurianto said the government continued to apply the category of citizens who were included in the priority list by corona using a rapid test.

“Rapid priority is actually one tracing contact, two health workers treating Covid-19 patients confirmed (positive), third screening at a health facility in the red zone with symptoms of ARI,” said Yurianto.

Meanwhile, 426 corona patients were recovered.

Indonesia became the third country with the highest corona cases in Southeast Asia after the Philippines with 5,223 cases and Malaysia 4,987 cases.

However, the death rate due to corona in Indonesia is the highest in Southeast Asia. Death cases in the Philippines and Malaysia so far have recorded 335 and 82 cases respectively.

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