Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud for the first time spoke to the public since the corona virus was endemic in the “Land of Petrodollar”.

In his speech on Thursday (3/19/2020), King Salman assured the Saudis that food, medicine, and monthly necessities would be guaranteed as long as the country faced the Covid-19 outbreak.

Reporting from The Guardian, the 84-year-old king also declared the corona virus pandemic as a major threat to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and humanity.

Not to forget, he also thanked medics and public servants who so far kept the number of cases of infection relatively low, namely 238 patients.

Until this news was released, no victims died from the corona virus in Saudi Arabia. Preventive efforts have indeed been intensified by Saudi Arabia since the virus entered its country. Earlier this month the area around the Kaaba was cleaned with disinfectants, including the Grand Mosque in Mecca.

The access closure was also carried out for foreign nationals or their own citizens, by stopping international flights.

The pilgrimage was also suspended, then schools, malls and restaurants were closed. Workers are asked to work from home.

“What happened next might prove more difficult. We will get through this with the help of God and our health professionals, “Raja Salman was quoted as saying by The Guardian.

Meanwhile, Reuters news agency quoted another saying from King Salman. “We are living in a difficult period in world history, but we must be sure all this will pass, even if accompanied by cruelty, bitterness, and difficulty.” The man born December 31, 1935 also urged his people to act for solidarity and cooperation in compliance with official rules.

According to data from Worldometers, as of Thursday, Saudi Arabia recorded 274 cases of corona virus infection without a single patient dying.

Meanwhile, Reuters reported, the number of corona virus cases in Gulf countries reached more than 1,300, with one death in Bahrain.

Many cases are related to people traveling from Iran, the center of spread in the Middle East with 1,284 deaths in more than 18,000 cases.

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