Jakarta – The Covid-19 handling task force states that the transmission of the corona virus (Covid-19) is known to be most widely spread through droplets or droplets that enter the eyes, nose and mouth carried by the fingers.

Head of the Covid-19 Handling Task Force Expert Team, Wiku Adisasmito, said that approximately 90% of the spread of the Covid-19 case was spread by this method. Therefore, the use of three-layer cloth masks and hand washing is very important.

“We need to convey all of our defense mechanisms. First line defense is to use a mask and wash hands,” Wiku said at a virtual press conference on Sunday (5/4/2020)

He added that the second line of defense is the behavior of maintaining cleanliness by bathing after traveling washing clothes cleaning the surface of goods with disinfectant.

Wiku appealed that disinfectant spraying should only be used for objects or items so it was not recommended to spray it on the human body.

“We also convey the restrictions on the use of disinfectants in accordance with the Ministry of Health circular not to recommend the use of disinfectant booths,” he said.

Furthermore, Wiku also explained that the importance of using three-layer cloth masks can ward off viruses reaching up to 70%.

“According to the results of cloth mask research can ward off viruses by 70% so the community is expected to keep a distance while in the crowd at least 1 to 2 meters and if they do not have important activities outside should stay at home,” said Wiku.

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