Washington – United States President Donald Trump warned about the next two weeks which will be very painful as the US struggles to face a surge in corona virus cases. Even the White House warned that this deadly virus could kill up to 240 thousand US citizens.

“This will be two very painful, very, very painful weeks,” Trump said in a press conference at the White House as reported by the AFP news agency on Wednesday (4/1/2020).

“I want all Americans to be prepared for the difficult days ahead,” Trump added.

Leading US health experts say that the decision to continue social distancing is the only way to stop this highly contagious virus.

“There is no vaccine or miracle therapy. Only behavior, each of our behaviors translates into something that changes the course of this pandemic virus over the next 30 days,” said Deborah Birx, coordinator of the coronavirus response at the White House.

At the press conference, Birx presented a graphic showing a range of 100 thousand to 240 thousand deaths due to the corona virus in the US, taking into account mitigation efforts taken at this time.

Infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci said that mitigation was actually successful and that the authorities were “doing everything we could to make it (mortality rate) significantly below that.”

The latest CNN data on Tuesday (31/3) local time, said 811 new deaths were reported in one day. The total number of victims killed by the Corona virus in the US currently reaches 3,815 people. This number is recorded to exceed the death toll in the tragedy of 9/11 which reached more than 2,900 people.

Meanwhile, the total number of cases of corona virus in the US has now reached 184,343 cases. The number is spread in all 50 US states plus Washington DC and a number of other US territories.

More than 30 states in the US ordered their citizens to stay at home to ward off the spread of the Corona virus. Decisive steps of this kind have an impact on the economy and make millions of people – for a while – not get paid.

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