Not the First Time, Kim Jong-un was once rumored to have died

Kim Jong-un is sick, Kim Jong-un dies. That is the news that is being talked about by the public and the media all over the world. Kim disappeared. Its presence has not been monitored since mid-April. Public suspicion arises when he was absent during the North Korean holiday which fell on April 15, 2020 (the … Read more

101 Year-Old Grandma Origin New York who believed Has Super Human DNA

In the midst of covid19 pandemic news, there is the story of a 101-year-old grandmother who is believed to have superhuman DNA. Despite being in the vulnerable category, the grandmother managed to recover from the corona COVID-19. The family said they were not surprised when Angela Friedman defeated corona COVID-19 because he had ‘superhuman DNA’. … Read more

Wait Continues for Performance International Customers

Judge ordered cars be moved to another warehouse EDINBURG – Customers of a McAllen business have to wait even longer to get their cars back. The case against Mando Hinojosa, the owner of Performance International, was heard in court today. Customers claim they paid thousands for work that was never done on their vehicles. Since … Read more

Boy Looks for Answers in the Mother’s Death

Toddler found clinging to his mother’s body PHARR – Jennifer Eva Roman was murdered nearly ten years ago. Her son, who wasn’t even two at the time, is now hoping for answers. “Well, if my mom was alive right now, I bet she’d be a really nice,” he says. The boy, now 11 years old, … Read more

Man Believes Religious Medallion Saved His Life

Doctors said man had less than a 20 percent chance of survival MCALLEN – Eddie Cortez says there’s no reason he should be here. Back in November 2006, he was shocked by a high-voltage line while working as an electrical contractor. He was burned over most of his body. All that’s left is scars from … Read more

NEWSCHANNEL 5 Investigation: Guns Heading South

Thousands of smuggled guns helping fuel drug cartel turf war HIDALGO – NEWSCHANNEL 5 has discovered gun running has become a big moneymaker for criminals. They’re buying guns legally in the United States, then sneaking them into Mexico for big profits. Recent shoot-outs in Reynosa and Rio Bravo were most likely fueled by guns bought … Read more

Mexican Army makes historic trip into US

Two U.S. soldiers in a remote area of Texas were confronted by Mexican soldiers who thought the Americans had crossed into Mexico, U.S. officials said Tuesday. The Mexican troops reportedly removed a weapon from the American soldier who was armed. U.S. Northern Command, which manages military support for Customs and Border Protection, said the Americans … Read more

United States Suspects Indonesia to Cover Corona Virus Case (Covid-19)

The United States predicts there are still cases of corona virus (Covid-19) that have not been reported in Indonesia. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says this can happen after seeing the number of corona cases is relatively small but the death rate is high. “If a country attaches data, then we see … Read more

King Salman Guarantees Medicine and Food for His People during the Corona Virus in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud for the first time spoke to the public since the corona virus was endemic in the “Land of Petrodollar”. In his speech on Thursday (3/19/2020), King Salman assured the Saudis that food, medicine, and monthly necessities would be guaranteed as long as the country faced the Covid-19 … Read more