There is the latest news about vaccines intended to ward off the threat of the corona virus. Corona virus vaccine entered the testing phase in animals.

Quoted from the Medical Daily, the trial was conducted by a team of researchers from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of China, Shanghai-based Tongji University School of Medicine and Stermirna Therapeutics Co., Ltd.

At present, the mRNA vaccine sample is injected in more than 100 laboratory mice. This new vaccine was made in just two weeks, shortly after the team of scientists reportedly succeeded in isolating the latest corona virus strain for the first time.

However, a Chinese official warned that although the corona virus trial had begun, the testing phase was still very early. Therefore, it still takes time and many steps before the vaccine is ready for clinical trials in humans.

In addition, the research team also confirmed that vaccine testing in mice was an early stage screening. Once successful, the vaccine will be tested on larger animals such as monkeys to ensure that clinical trials in humans will run smoothly and safely.

However, the research team promised that the entire cycle of mRNA vaccine development and production would still be made faster than traditional vaccines in general, bearing in mind that the vaccine was urgently needed now, also in order to reduce the number of potential victims in the future.

In addition, a number of other research institutions around the world have also begun to make rapid efforts to develop the latest corona virus vaccine.

Hopefully the corona virus vaccine that is being developed by this researcher produces encouraging results, so that China, including other countries, can immediately save humans from diseases caused by the corona virus that is epidemic.

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