Four years ago, KRGV-TV introduced “Kids You Should Know” and asked teachers and viewers to send us stories of the kids they thought “you should know.” The response has been overwhelming. We have introduced kids who live in challenging circumstance to those who seem to have everything going for them. We have introduced kids who were physically handicapped to kids who are star athletes. We have introduced kids who struggle to make passing grades to kids who are extremely gifted. But all the kids we have introduced have one thing in common: They have taken responsibility for their own lives.

Introducing the latest Kids You Should Know:

Jesus Guerrero

“Kid You Should Know” Tuesday, September 6th, 2005

I would like to nominate one of my great students Jesus Guerrero. He is a very polite, sweet, intelligent, caring student. He is also very outgoing and responsible; he has the ability to be a great model for my other students. He has made this year not only unique for being in my class, but for being on top of everything. He comes to school whether it rains or shines. He has only been absent for illness reasons, a couple of times, and believe me, he has been missed. He does his homework even when he is absent. He feels for others when they struggle or they are in trouble. He has a special smile and a great way to show joy to others. This student is an exemplary student, he made a perfect score on his Reading TAKS and he would do the same if he took it again. He strives for the greatest with great excitement and he reaches his goals. I am very proud to nominate Jesus Guerrero as a fine young citizen and he should be in your segment for Kids You Should Know. nomination submitted by: Blanca Gutierrez, 3rd Grade Teacher


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