Indian Bingo
The Kia Lay Gee Indian Tribe is one step closer to bringing high-stakes bingo to Mercedes. The tribe is set to occupy a portion of a tract of land off the expressway behind the soon-to-be built outlet mall. The proposition is pending federal approval. To help convince the tribe to move, the Mercedes city council has approved a measure that would provide fire and police services to the tribal land. The city will charge the tribe $1.50 for every $100 worth of property on the site. That’s nearly double the 88 cents charged to normal businesses, but the tribe will not have to pay any other taxes.

Sexual Assault
A Valley man is jailed tonight accused of raping his two step children. Investigators tell us 24 year old Benito Mata sexually assaulted the 10 year old girl and the 8 year old boy when his common law wive left their apartment, but Mata says he never touched the children. Mata’s sister says the mother of the children is making up these allegations because she wants revenge after finding that Mata had been cheating on her. Meanwhile, Mata remains jailed tonight, his bond is set at $500,000.

Winter Texan Burglars
Investigators in Harlingen say they’ve cracked a crime ring responsible for dozens of burglaries after a year long investigation. Most of the cases involve the homes of Winter Texans. Police say a total of 7 suspects are in custody, and that visiting pawn shops, tracing serial numbers, and linking leads finally led them to the arrests. Investigators tell us they have been able t recover a number of missing items and will now try contacting the property owners.

Illegals Drown
Authorities are investigating the drowning deaths of two men. One man’s body was found Monday night and the other was discovered by Border Patrol Agents on Tuesday morning. The men apparently drowned while attempting to cross the Rio Grande near Los Indios. Mexican officials have stepped in and are reviewing the case.

Failing Strategy
One Valley organization is saying the Border patrol’s Operation Rio Grande is to blame for the recent drownings and other deaths of illegals. Members of Proyecto Libertad say the operation has placed heavy patrols along the border, pushing illegal immigrants to try to cross at more isolated areas. Representatives with Proyecto Libertad say that the strategy is costing people their lives,a dn they want to see some changes made.

Ford Lawsuit
A case involving a lawsuit filed against the Ford Motor Company is being heard in an Hidalgo County Courtroom. Carolin Mtzger was ivolved in an accident at a McAllen Drive Inn theatre in 1995. His lawyers claim the Ford model car he was driving had a faulty accelerator. Attorneys contend the accelerator caused Metzger’s car to ram into a concrete structure. The accident left Metzger partially paralyzed. A verdict could be in tomorrow.

Sheriff’s deputies in Starr County are investigating a murder-suicide.
Authorities say twenty one year old Edgar Garcia shot and killed eighteen
year old Luella Garza, then fatally shot himself. Nobody else was at the
residence at the time of the shooting. Investigators say the two had
recently broke up.

Fireworks Stolen
July Fourth isn’t such a holiday from some Valley firework dealers.
Several dealers say they probably lost thousands of dollars this holiday
because of thieves. We’re told at least five firework stands in the
Mid-Valley were robbed this past weekend. Police say the thieves asked to see some merchandise, and once they had it in their hands, they made a run
for it. Police warn that anyone caught stealing fireworks could face fines
and jail time.

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