Reynosa Unrest
These Reynosa voters complained of unfair election practices this morning. The voters were at the back of the line at one of 64 voting booths set up along the border for mexican immigrants. Unfortunately, to prevent voter fraud, the special absentee voting booths only had 750 ballots per station and these would-be voters were near the end of the line. The crowds were very vocal when they learned they were not going to get a ballot.

Today is day two of the four day event and there was plenty of fun for everyone. The big fajita cookoff took place today. The winners in the traditional recipe category was the team from Robert’s Chevrolet. In gourmet, Isaura Cisneros and Belinda Cantu took home the prize and in the cabrito category, Mingo Cantu from Vital Line Health Services took home the trophy. All proceeds from the event will benefit the Texas Special Olympics.

Reynosa Unrest
Election day got off to a rocky start this morning, as those voting booths ran out of ballots. To prevent voter fraud the special absentee voting booths only had 750 ballots per station. Most of the voters who were turned away in Reynosa shouted their support of Vicente Fox and yelled out chants of change. The crowds which did not understand the 750 vote limit were registered to vote somewhere further south, if they were registered at all.

Candidates Vote
The two main candidates voted in Mexico early this morning. Francisco Labastida the PRI candidate cast his ballot near his home in Mexico City. Labistida just might need that vote as he is neck-to-neck with PAN candidate Vicente Fox. As he was leaving the polling station, Labastida whose party is under close scrutiny for a 71 year history of vote-rigging and vote-buying, told reporters this time things would be different. It is the first time that an election has been organized by an independent body; the Federal Electoral Institute, created in 1996 by outgoing President Ernesto Zedillo.Thirty-six thousand national and eight-hundred and sixty-six observers are monitoring the electoral process.

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