Drowning recovery
A toddler is recovering at this hour after a near drowning in Palmview. Medcare and Hidalgo County Sheriff’s officers were trying to rescue a 3-year-old boy who fell into a canal near Three Mile Line and Doffing Road. We talked to a sheriff office representative and the boy is expected to be fine. The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s department is still investigating the incident.

Sexual Assault
A Pharr man is arrested and arraigned for sexually assaulting a woman. 28-year-old Fidencio Gonzalez asked to use the phone inside the womans house on Sunday. Once he gained access to her home, police say Gonzalez raped her. He was arrested this morning on seperate charges of possession of marijuana and possession of cocaine. Gonzalez was taken before a judge this afternoon and is being held on an 82-thousand dollar bond.

New Bookstore
Its described as a “signature bookstore” for the students at The University of Texas in Brownsville. Customers now have triple the reading area than before, there is also a dining area where students can enjoy something good to eat while they study or read. If you want to visit the bookstore it officially opens to the public this Wednesday. Its located on teh east side of the campus adjacent to the Smith Amphitheater.

Fireworks Display
KRGV and Miller Lite are teaming up to put on a great show at the historic Harlingen Field tonight. The Whitewing’s play at 7:00 and after the game, prepare to see a great firework display that can be enjoyed by all.

Noon La Villa Escapee
The man who escaped from the La Villa correctional facility last night is back in custody. Leonardo Carrera was arrested early this morning by the U.S. Marshalls and the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s office. Carrera was missing just after 6 p.m. last night. Authorities found his clothing along the railroad three miles away. The U.S. Marshalls received a tip that Carrera was in the Indian Hills area north of Mercedes. Carrera was captured off the side of a road. He had shaven his head and was bleeding and was taken to a local hospital for treatment and was released.

Noon Child Molestor
Donna Police arrest a man who admitted to letting his two-year-old daughter fondle his private parts. Police pick up Jorge Alberto Vazquez for questioning after Child Protective Services gave them a tip. Vazquez admitted to police that he had allowed his two-year-old daughter to touch him in inappropriate places. He is charged with indecency with a child and is being held at the Donna Police station.

La Villa Jail Break
An inmate from the La Villa Correctional Facility is still on the loose this morning. Authorities noticed Leonardo Carrera was missing just after 6pm yesterday. Authorities found his clothing along the railroad three miles away. Carrera was being held in the facility on a federal warrant. If you have any information on Carrera’s whereabouts, call your local police department.

Mexico Elections
People living south of the border are in for major political and social changes. Vicente Fox captured the presidency yesterday, marking the first time in 77 years that the ruling party, PRI, has lost the office. Fox takes office December 1. The president-elect promises to stop corruption, to encourage foreign investments and to nearly double spending for public education.

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