Teens Turning To Mutilation

Disturbing trend growing among Valley teens It may seem difficult to imagine that a teenager would be willing to hurt themselves in order to make themselves feel better, but that is what is happening to some Valley teenagers. Newschannel 5 has uncovered the secret way teens are dealing with pain and has found that often … Read more

More Harlingen Students Undergoing Blood Tests

HARLINGEN – More than 40 Harlingen mid-high students have now come forward with complaints they were pricked with blood testing needles by fellow classmates. The students were each tested for HIV and Hepatitis B and C, health workers said. Parents rushed to the school after learning their children were pricked with the lancets. Cameron County … Read more

Kids You Should Know

Four years ago, KRGV-TV introduced “Kids You Should Know” and asked teachers and viewers to send us stories of the kids they thought “you should know.” The response has been overwhelming. We have introduced kids who live in challenging circumstance to those who seem to have everything going for them. We have introduced kids who … Read more