00:30:00 Mutant X
01:30:00 George Michael Sports Machine
02:00:00 NEWSCHANNEL 5 at 10 Repeat
02:30:00 CNN Headline News
03:00:00 ABC World News Now
04:30:00 ABC World News Morning
05:00:00 NEWSCHANNEL 5 this Morning
07:00:00 Good Morning America
09:00:00 Live w/ Regis and Kelly
10:00:00 The View
11:00:00 All My Children
12:00:00 NEWSCHANNEL 5 at Noon
13:00:00 One Life to Live
14:00:00 General Hospital
15:00:00 Dr. Phil
16:00:00 Oprah
17:00:00 NEWSCHANNEL 5 at 5
17:30:00 ABC World News
18:00:00 NEWSCHANNEL 5 at 6
18:30:00 Entertainment Tonight
19:00:00 Extreme Makeover Home Edition: How’d They Do That?
20:00:00 The Bachelor
21:00:00 Supernanny
22:00:00 NEWSCHANNEL 5 at 10
22:30:00 Married with Children
23:00:00 King of the Hill
23:30:00 Nightline

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KRGV NEWSCHANNEL 5 Broadcast in Digital Format

Weslaco, Texas.KRGV NEWSCHANNEL 5 started broadcasting a Digital signal to the Rio Grande Valley market on October 8th, 2002.

“KRGV NEWSCHANNEL 5 is proud to provide Digital TV to our viewers in the Rio Grande Valley,” said KRGV NEWSCHANNEL 5 General Manager Ray Alexander. “Digital TV means quality and choice for the consumer. Higher resolution, a sharper picture, crystal clear sound. It’s like being there.”

A digital signal removes a lot of the video noise viewers currently see, and has almost a three-dimensional quality.

In order to see the new digital signal, viewers will have to upgrade their television sets to a set that will receive a digital signal.

However, current analog signal viewers are watching right now will not be interrupted, as NEWSCHANNEL 5 will broadcast in both digital and analog formats for the next few years.

In the digital spectrum, NEWSCHANNEL 5 will broadcast KRGV-DT on digital channel 13. Currently one local cable company, Time-Warner Cable, is carrying KRGV-DT on its digital service.


Programming on KRGV-DT currently consists of the full daily schedule of NEWSCHANNEL 5, with wide-screen High Definition programming from ABC in evening prime time. The ABC Television Network is broadcasting about fourteen hours a week of HDTV, including comedies such as “The George Lopez Show”; Dramas “NYPD Blue”, and “Alias”; as well as theatrical movies and certain sports events. ABC is planning to telecast the 2003-2004 season of “Monday Night Football” in HDTV as well. All ABC HD programs will be presented in wide screen format with Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound audio.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital TV?
KRGV-DT Channel 13 (DTV) is clearer pictures, better sound, more programming and more viewing excitement than traditional analog television. DTV offers a picture free of “ghosts”, “snow” or interference. The crisper, sharper image is due to the increased number of pixels the digital signal puts on the screen – the higher the number, the sharper the picture – and High-definition Television has the highest resolution available. Furthermore, high definition TV has CD-quality Dolby 5.1 surround sound, adding to the ultimate home theater experience. DTV also enables broadcasters to multicast, bringing viewers multiple channels of over-the-air programming simultaneously in a Standard-definition Television format.

Why is Digital TV better than “regular” analog TV?
KRGV-DT brings viewers five times the picture resolution and clarity of analog TV, making viewers feel like they are right in the middle of the action on their screens. DTV uses binary code, the same system of ones and zeroes that run on computers and digitally recorded compact discs. Switching TV broadcasts to digital is like switching from cassette tape to compact disc or from VHS tape to a DVD – the pictures are clearer, and sound is improved, giving viewers the opportunity to experience with a 16.9 aspect ratio compared to today’s 4.3 aspect ratio of analog television. DTV lets viewers see wide screen images.

Will consumers have to pay to receive Digital TV broadcasts?
No. Unlike digital cable where consumers pay monthly fees for services, KRGV-DT provides high quality programming with over-the-air broadcasting.

What about my existing analog TV?
Until the total conversion to DTV is made, KRGV NEWSCHANNEL 5 will generally simulcast the same programs on two different channels – KRGV-DT Channel 13 in a digital format and KRGV NEWSCHANNEL 5 on Channel 5 in analog. Viewers with analog sets will be able to convert a digital signal to an analog signal by hooking up a digital tuner decoder to their sets; however, they will not be able to experience the crystal clear pictures and sound quality that an high definition TV set provides, nor will they experience the advantages of data-casting or Interactive television.

What are the different signals viewers will see with DTV? KRGV-DT has the capability of transmitting several different programs simultaneously. With the proper equipment, the viewer can select the desired signal, including:

High-definition Television allows KRGV-DT to transmit a wide-screen picture with many times more detail than is contained in current analog TV pictures, High definition TV brings viewers programming so crisp and clear, it produces an image as sharp as reality. In addition, High definition TV offers unsurpassed audio quality with Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound.

Standard-definition Television – A standard definition TV signal is another type of signal that viewers experience through DTV. While standard definition TV signals eliminate ghosting and snow, they are particularly remarkable because they occupy less space on the allocated spectrum than high- definition signals and brings viewers multiple channels of free, over-the-air programming from the same station.

In effect, one Digital Television signal can carry a program broadcast in High Definition, as well as a second program in Standard Definition; or as many as three different programs in Standard Definition at the same time.What should consumers look for-when shopping for a new TV set today?
When shopping for a new TV set, consumers today have many choices:

An integrated Digital TV set – This option allows viewers to receive analog and digital signals. An integrated set can project high-definition, or standard-definition signals. An high definition TV set has the highest resolution available and provides the ultimate home theater experience. An integrated DTV set provides consumers the most convenient, hassle-free way to experience Digital TV.

A Digital TV monitor and a separate digital tuner decoder box-this option allows consumer to upgrade to Digital TV when ready. If consumers choose to purchase only a Digital TV monitor, they will get a wide-screen format and improved picture. In order to receive an over-the-air signal with a Digital TV monitor, consumers must purchase a set-top decoder box. These boxes may be used with high definition, or standard definition monitors. An analog set – If consumers buy an analog set today, they will not receive any of the benefits of Digital TV, including the clearest pictures and sound ever available. Because an analog set does not have a digital tuner, consumers will have to purchase a digital tuner decoder box to watch Digital TV.

Where Can I Buy An HDTV Set? How Much Do They Cost?
If your TV has progressive-scan inputs for connection to a computer display card or DVD player, you’ll be able to see some HDTV signals by adding a set-top box receiver (STB), which will generally yield some but not all of the advanced resolution of HDTV. These cost in the range of $400 to $1,000. Otherwise, you can buy new HDTV sets at most electronics stores. Just like any cutting-edge electronic equipment, the early receivers are expensive. When HDTV sets came on the market, they cost as much as $8,000. In a short amount of time, prices have dropped to around $2,000, and prices may drop to $1,500 within a year.

Can I receive KRGV-DT on digital cable? If I buy a Digital TV will it work with digital cable?
Currently KRGV-DT is carried by Time Warner Cable, however a special “cable box” is required to receive the digital signal. This box will connect to most standard and High Definition television sets, however the benefits of HDTV will only be available with a High Definition set and digital audio system.

How long will it take the Television World to switch to the new Digital Technology?
Originally, the Federal Communications Commission set Jan. 1, 2007, as the final date to turn off the existing analog television systems. Congress will inevitably delay that date until more than 85 percent of the people have access to digital television signals.

Will my Current TV set be obsolete?
You will be able to watch digital TV signals on your existing TV set with a set-top digital receiver. However, you will not be able to enjoy the crisp high-definition picture.

What about my VCR, DVD player and Camcorder? Will I be able to use them with an HDTV set?
HDTV sets are “backward compatible,” meaning all existing analog equipment (VCR’s, DVD players, camcorders, video games, etc.) will work on digital TV sets, but not in high definition. Their video will be displayed in the maximum resolution that each product is capable of.

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