NEWSCHANNEL 5 gets an inside look at the ICE BEST task force designed to battle gun smuggling

Harlingen – NEWSCHANNEL 5 first told you about the problems of gun smuggling last week. As many as 2,000 guns a day are believed to be smuggled into Mexico.

The gun trade helps supply the deadly drug cartel turf war.

But the ICE Border Enforcement Security Task Force is working to combat the deadly practices.

In less than a year B.E.S.T. has nabbed 32 criminal suspects, and confiscated dozens of weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition. Most of it found hidden in stash houses and vehicles.

ICE Special Agent in Charge Jerry Robinette says, “We basically try to focus in on where they’re most vulnerable.”

Agents tell NEWSCHANNEL 5 for every weapon they seize, dozens more do make it past them. And while that’s happening everyone along the border will be in danger.

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