Abuse victim speaks about her experience

EDINBURG – A jury is deliberating the fate of a counselor found guilty of sexual assault.

Sigifrido Flores was convicted of 13 counts of sexual abuse.

NEWSCHANNEL 5 spoke to counselors and psychologists who say sexual misconduct by a healthcare professional is a widespread problem.

We spoke to a woman who was sexually assaulted by her counselor four years ago. We’ll call her “Lee.” Her counselor forced her to have sex with him

“Lee” says, “When you put you’re trust in somebody, you don’t expect misconduct. You don’t expect them to cross the boundaries.”

She adds, “I trusted him and my husband trusted him.”

“Lee” says she was under his control.

“I relive it and I’m on medication now,” “Lee” says. “I see a therapist now for more severe problems now than I had at the time. My entire family is affected.”

Doctor Christopher Albert says it’s these types of isolated cases which damages a patients image of those who are supposed to help them.

“It’s less likely that they’ll trust other people to help them. And that’s when they absolutely need it,” explains Dr. Albert.

NEWSCHANNEL 5 learned the counselor who assaulted “Lee” reached a plea deal and is out on probation. He’s also a registered sex offender and can’t practice counseling anymore.

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