Disturbing trend growing among Valley teens

It may seem difficult to imagine that a teenager would be willing to hurt themselves in order to make themselves feel better, but that is what is happening to some Valley teenagers.

Newschannel 5 has uncovered the secret way teens are dealing with pain and has found that often times parents and school officials are ill equipped to deal with it.

Doctors tell Newschannel 5 its at its most serious level ever here in the Valley.

Teens have even gone as far as cutting themselves on video and then posting it on the internet.

One Valley teen tells Newschannel 5 the she does it because the physical pain is nothing compared to the emotional pain she is feeling inside.

Currently there is not a facility in the Valley that deals with this issue, but experts tell Newschannel 5 more and more school officials are beginning to get educated on ways of dealing with the subject.

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